News Roundup for Week of September 2nd

Read our weekly roundup to learn about the latest news in immigration and business this week.

1. ICE issues new directive on U visas

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued a new directive that changes how U visas will be handled.
U visas are reserved for undocumented immigrants who are victims of crimes or witnessed a crime.

Specifically, ICE now reserves the right to “review the totality of the circumstances, including any favorable or adverse factors, and any federal interest(s) implicated and decide whether a Stay of Removal or terminating proceedings is appropriate” for those who apply for a U visa.

In short, instead of stopping removal proceedings for undocumented immigrants who apply for a U visa, these immigrants can now be deported even while their applications are pending.

These changes are part of the Trump Administration’s continued effort to shutdown as much of the U.S. immigration system as possible.

Read the official directive on the ICE website. You can also learn more at The Hill.

2. Trump Administration reverses decision to end program that provides medical care to some immigrants

Last month, the Trump Administration ended a program that deferred deportation proceedings for undocumented immigrants who were in need of serious medical care.

This week, the Administration reversed the decision after intense backlash, stating that “USCIS will complete the caseload that was pending on August 7” when the program was ended.

Read the official USCIS announcement here and learn more at The New York Times, CBS News, Law360 and MSNBC.

3. DHS posts proposed rule to add a registration fee to H-1B visa applications

On Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security posted a new proposed rule that will add a $10 registration fee to H-1B visa applications for the FY 2021 H-1B filing season.

DHS and USCIS recently announced the H-1B filing process would be undergoing significant changes for future filing seasons.

Read the official proposed rule and learn more at Law360 and The National Law Review.

4. Trump Administration to divert $3.6 billion in funds from DOD projects to pay for border wall

This week, the Pentagon announced it will be diverting $3.6 billion in funds from Department of Defense (DOD) projects in an effort to pay for President Trump’s border wall.

In some cases, funds are even being diverted from schools and daycare centers for children of U.S. military members.

Learn more at The New York Times, Reuters, CNBC, and NPR.

5. U.S./China set October for new trade talks

China announced it had reached an agreement to open new talks with the U.S. over the prolonged trade war going on between the two countries.

At this time, it appears the talks will be very high-level , but markets warmed to the announcement by rising across the world.

Learn more at Reuters, Axios, and The Washington Post.

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