News Roundup for Week of October 14th

Read our weekly roundup to learn about the latest news in immigration and business this week.

1. Trump Administration blocked from enforcing new immigration rule

Late last week, the three separate judges blocked the Trump Administration from enforcing its new “public charge” rule, which would have denied immigrants legal status if they would need public assistance for themselves or their family.

When U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced the new rule in August 2019, multiple states almost immediately filed suit against it.

The new rule was set to go into effect on October 15th.

Learn more at The New York Times, Law360, NPR, The Hill, and NBC News.

2. Acting DHS Secretary resigns

President Trump announced over Twitter that Acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kevin McAleenan issued his resignation late Friday.

McAleenan was appointed as Acting Secretary in April making his tenure at DHS only 6 months. During that time, McAllenan helped the Trump Administration usher in some of its most restrictive immigration policies.

Learn more at CNN, NPR, Washington Post, and The New York Times.

3. USCIS issues new guidance for Special Immigrant Juvenile Classification

On Wednesday, USCIS issued new guidance for the Special Immigrant Juvenile Classification which may result in new denials for some applicants.

Under the new guidance, USCIS will implement three Administrative Appeals Office rulings which state, in part, that

1. “USCIS clarifies that it requires evidence of a court’s intervention to provide relief from abuse, neglect or abandonment beyond a statement that the juvenile is dependent on the court”

2. USCIS “will consider qualifying orders from state courts, provided the petitioner met the applicable definition of a juvenile under state law when the order was issued and the court determined the juvenile was subject to parental abuse, neglect, abandonment or similar maltreatment”

3. “USCIS is no longer requiring evidence that a state court had the authority to place a petitioner in the custody of an unfit parent in order to make a qualifying determination regarding parental reunification for purposes of SIJ classification”

The new rulings went into effect on October 15th.

Read the official USCIS announcement and learn more at Law360.

4. Judge blocks Trump Administration border wall funding

A Texas judge blocked the Trump Administration from diverting several billion dollars in funding to President Trump’s border wall. The judge ruled that President Trump unlawfully order the funds be diverted from their Congressionally mandated purpose.

The ruling comes as President Trump vetoed a second joint resolution by Congress to terminate the President’s declaration of a national emergency which he is using to justify is seizing of funding.

Learn more at CNN, Politico, Law360, and Reuters.

5. US and China reach a new trade war truce

The U.S and China reached a new truce in their year-and-a-half trade war. The unwritten agreement will temporarily stopped some of the proposed new tariffs that would have gone into effect in October.

It is unclear if the agreement will go forward in full as it could be five more weeks before any agreement is officially signed by the two countries.

Learn more at Reuters and Law360.

6. Representative Elijah Cummings dies at 68

U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings died on Thursday at the age of 68 from health complications. Mr. Cummings represented the city of Baltimore and had served in Congress since 1996.

Learn more at Reuters.

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