News Roundup for Week of June 10th

New USCIS leadership, Supreme Court talks, and tariffs lead the way in news this week. Read on to learn more about each story!

1. Ken Cuccinelli announced as new head of USCIS

On Monday, the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security announced that Ken Cuccinelli will become the Acting Director of USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services).

Mr. Cuccinelli was previously the Attorney General and a state Senator of Virginia.

Mr. Cuccinelli’s move to Acting Director of USCIS has drawn criticism from both Democrats and Republicans. It is unclear whether President Trump will eventually nominate Mr. Cuccinelli to officially take over the Director role.

Read more at CNN and the official announcement.

2. U.S and Mexico conclude tariff talks

The U.S. and Mexico concluded talks on President Trump’s threat to issue tariffs on all goods imported from Mexico.

In a joint statement, both countries stated they agreed to several provisions, including an increase in presence of the Mexican National Guard at their southern border, the expansion of the Trump Administration’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, and increased intelligence sharing between the two nations.

Read more at CNN and the official joint statement.

3. Supreme Court meets to discuss DACA

This week the Supreme Court indicated it would meet in private on Thursday (6/13) to discuss the case involving the Trump Administration’s ending of DACA. It is unclear how the Court will proceed after their meeting. As of this writing, the Supreme Court has not placed the case on its docket.

Read more at CNN, and Law360.

4. GAO to investigate processing delays at USCIS

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) agreed to investigate the backlog and processing delays at USCIS. In a letter to Congress, the GAO said they would “initiate an engagement in about five months.”

Read more at the AILA and Immigration Impact.

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