News Roundup for Week of July 22nd

USCIS and DHS rule changes took center stage in the news this week. Read this week’s roundup to learn more!

1. DHS expands expedited removal

This week, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) McAleenan announced a new rule that will now apply expedited removal proceedings “to certain aliens encountered anywhere in the country within two years of illegal entry.”

Under expedited removal, undocumented immigrants do not have any due process rights, such as an immigration hearing or to go before an immigration judge. The determination of whether the undocumented immigrant should be deported is left to the immigration officer they happen to encounter.

Read the official DHS announcement or read more about this story at NPR, Business Insider, The Washington Post, NBC News, Politico, and The Hill.

2. USCIS issues new rule making significant changes to the EB-5 Program

On Tuesday, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced they are making significant changes to the EB-5 Immigration Investor Program which will become effective in November 2019.

Some of the changes include increasing the required investment amount for all EB-5 projects, revising the targeted employment area (TEA) standards, and giving USCIS more power over the EB-5 Program.

If you are an investor who was planning to utilize the EB-5 Program, now is the time to start that process before the changes become effective in November.

Read the official USCIS announcement or read more about the story at Law360.

3. USCIS to update naturalization test

USCIS announced they will be updating the naturalization test given to individuals who want to become U.S. citizens.

According to USCIS, “The goal [of the changes] is to create a meaningful, uniform, and efficient test that will assess applicants’ knowledge and understanding of U.S. history, government and values.”

The updated test is set to be implemented in late 2020 or first quarter 2021.

Read the official USCIS announcement.

4. Courts rule against the Trump Administration’s asylum policies

This week, two courts ruled against Trump Administration policies regarding asylum.

Firstly, the 9th Circuit ruled that asylum-seekers cannot be held indefinitely without a bond hearing, overturning a recent Department of Justice rule.

Secondly, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction which blocks the Trump Administration from implementing a new policy that would effectively shutdown the U.S. asylum system.

Read more at The Hill and Reuters.

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