News Roundup for Week of July 1st

A continued fight over the citizenship question, a Trump Administration loss on border wall funding, and more were in the news this week. Read our news roundup for the week of July 1st to learn more!

1. Census citizenship question still causing a stir

President Trump isn’t backing down from his decision to add a citizenship question to the U.S. Census despite the Supreme Court’s ruling last week.

Vowing to use any means necessary to make sure the question ends up on the Census, the Trump Administration has until today (7/5) to give a new justification for adding the question to U.S. District Court Judge George Hazel.

It is still unclear how the Trump Administration plans to include the question as Commerce Secretary Ross has stated that the Commerce Department has already begun printing the Census without the question.

Learn more at Reuters and Law360.

2. 9th Circuit won’t lift border wall injunction as DHS issues new waiver

On Wednesday, the 9th Circuit refused to lift a lower court’s injunction banning the Trump Administration from appropriating over $6 billion in funds from the Defense Department to help build President Trump’s border wall. In the ruling, the 3-judge panel stated that the Constitution grants Congress “the power of the purse,” not the Executive Branch.

The ruling comes as the Department of Homeland Security issues another waiver for the expedite the border wall in the Rio Grande Valley. DHS says the project could begin as early as September of this year.

Read more at Reuters and DHS.

3. CBP to open a new temporary facility as criticism grows for the treatment of migrants in CBP custody

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced they will be using more temporary tents in Yuma, Arizona to house migrants crossing the southern border.

The new construction comes after several days of criticism regarding the treatment of migrants in CBP custody, including extensive overcrowding, limited or no access to food/water, and other poor conditions.

Read more at CBP, Reuters, and Law360.

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