TPS Announcement for Honduras and Nicaragua

On November 6, 2017, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke announced that Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation for Nicaragua will be terminated.


For Nicaragua, there will be a delayed effective date of 12 months to allow for an orderly transition before the designation terminates on January 5, 2019.


She also determined that additional information is necessary regarding the TPS designation for Honduras, and therefore has made no determination regarding Honduras at this time. Regarding Honduras, Acting Secretary Duke concluded that despite receiving input from a broad spectrum of sources, additional time is necessary to obtain and assess supplemental information pertaining to country conditions in Honduras in order to make an appropriately deliberative TPS designation determination. As a result of the inability to make a determination, the TPS designation for Honduras will be automatically extended for six months from the current January 5, 2018 date of expiration to the new expiration date of July 5, 2018.

However, given the information currently available to the Acting Secretary, it is possible that the TPS designation for Honduras will be terminated at the end of the six-month automatic extension with an appropriate delay.


TPS beneficiaries from Honduras and Nicaragua can still get work authorization during the extension period. According to USCIS officials:

  • People seeking work authorization should receive an EAD that is valid through Jan. 5, 2018.
  • Applicants who already possess a valid EAD work permit will not need to worry about this document expiring because the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will be automatically extending these EADs for at least six months.

Filing for TPS or any immigration status can be a complicated process. We strongly advised that you consult with an experienced attorney who can discuss with you to see how you can maintain legal status here in the US or obtain status through other forms of relief.

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