What is adjustment of status?

To help you better understand what adjustment of status is, this post will give you a quick definition of the process and a high-level overview of the five main steps involved.

What is consular processing?

To help you better understand what consular processing is, this post will give you a quick definition of the process and a high-level overview of the five main steps involved.

My Green Card Was Taken Away at the Airport by Immigration Officer

If you stay outside of the country for more than 6 months, or leave for long periods of time and only coming to the US for very short amounts of time, and you are a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States, you run the risked of being charged with abandonment of your green card and it can be taken …

Learn About the DV-2017 Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery & How to Apply

Living, working, and going to school in the United States is a dream for many people around the world. America is a nation of immigrants and the descendants of immigrants. However, for various reasons related to security and the economy, there are strict rules on who can live and work in the U.S.

4 Years and 1 Day Rule

A client from our Atlanta law firm came to us concerned that her application for citizenship would be denied because of her absence from the United States for more than one year. She is a permanent resident and was continuously in the US for 4 years prior to leaving for her one year trip, and then again established residency and continuity in the US after her trip.

5 Things You Should Know About A Conditional Permanent Resident Green Card

A conditional permanent resident green card is issued to those foreign nationals who have been married to their U.S. citizen spouse for less than two years when they arrived in the U.S. or adjusted their status. However, there are other important aspects about a conditional green card that you should be aware of.

Know Your Rights: What if I am not a citizen?

[UPDATED] President Trump has recently threatened to begin nationwide mass U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrests, which has caused many people to feel uneasy about what their rights are in such a situation. To help all those who may not know what to do in this type of situation, we’ve put together a quick primer on what rights undocumented immigrants and foreign nationals have if law enforcement agents or investigators come to arrest them.

Preparing to Meet with your Immigration Lawyer

Before any case can move forward, there is an initial meeting with a lawyer, usually called a consultation. During this meeting, you and your lawyer will discuss the circumstances surrounding your case and important information the lawyer will need to know. To help you prepare for a meeting with your lawyer, we’ve put together a quick primer on some of the important aspects to remember.