8 Questions to Ask When Starting a New Business

If starting your own business is an essential part of living your American Dream, then it is important to remember than the way your business starts may have a severe affect on and determine its success. Therefore, when daydreaming about your business, there are 8 questions you should ask yourself.

The Differences Between the E-1 an E-2 Nonimmigrant Visa Classifications

While doing your research on United States immigration law, you realize that looking at visa options is best guided by the very purpose of your intended travel. Upon much contemplation, it finally comes to you – the purpose of your intended travel is to invest in the U.S. economy, either through international trade or major business investment.

Handshake to Seal the Deal

You work so hard. You spend so many hours negotiating a deal. Before you turn the agreement to the lawyers to draft it, it happens. You got what you came for- a fantastic deal.  They get up, you get up, and you… handshake on it.  What does the handshake really mean? Do you really have a legally enforceable agreement or …

The Thorny World of the Operating Agreement

The Operating Agreement (OA) is an agreement prepared to govern the business relationship between members of the LLC.  The OA is similar to by-laws in a corporation and acts as the constitution of the company through which members’ rights and duties are defined.  The OA outlines each member’s role, right, duty and entitlement; this includes membership interest, capital accounts, distribution …

L-1B Visa Overview

The L-1B Visa is an intracompany transferee classification for employees with qualified specialized knowledge. It provides the employee with a visa to work in a U.S. company affiliated with the foreign company in the employee’s area of expertise.

Is an L-1A Business Visa for You?

The L-1A, Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager, Visa allows a U.S. employer to transfer a non-immigrant employee from an affiliated/sister office in another country to an office inside the U.S.