International Law

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The attorneys at Elkhalil Law, P.C. assist clients regarding matters in the United States and foreign venues involving parties from different countries. We handle issues which arise in international commercial, criminal, immigration, and civil matters, including service of process outside the United States, personal and subject-matter jurisdiction, forum non conveniens, sovereign immunity, discovery abroad for use in the United States, and discovery for use in foreign proceedings. We have also worked with foreign attorneys throughout the world to meet the needs of our clients in international commercial, immigration, criminal, and civil matters.

We have represented and advised both domestic and foreign companies, governmental and non-governmental entities, and individuals in a wide range of disputes, including Commercial Litigation, Mediation, Arbitration, Immigration, Human Rights, International Investigations, and International Contract Disputes.

Issues pertaining to Personal and Subject-Matter Jurisdiction arise frequently in many of the cases that we handle. Whether or not US Courts may exercise personal jurisdiction over foreign defendants, and whether or not US laws may be applied to foreign conduct, factor heavily into our analysis and implementation of your case. We have worked with foreign counsels, foreign governments, and non-governmental organizations to secure outcomes for our clients that are fair and just. Call today and set up an appointment so that we may serve your various International Law needs!