News Roundup for Week of September 9th

Read our weekly roundup to learn about the latest news in immigration and business this week.

1. Supreme Court issues new ruling on President Trump’s asylum policy

This week, the Supreme Court upheld a Trump Administration rule requiring those who seek asylum in the U.S. to first seek asylum in a “safe third country.” Under the ruling, the Administration’s ban on asylum will go into effect while a lawsuit makes its way through the lower courts.

The ruling comes after a lengthy back and forth between lower courts where the ruling was repeatedly struck down and then reinstated.

Learn more at Reuters, the Associated Press, Law360, Vox and CBS News.

2. USCIS proposal could increase wait times for asylum applicants seeking work permits

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) proposed a new policy that would remove the 30-day deadline for work permit approvals for asylees.

If the new policy goes into effect, it would essentially create an indefinite wait time for the approval of work permits to asylum applicants, which is already a lengthy process.

The policy is another step in the Trump Administration’s bid to stifle immigration into the U.S., particularly immigration from Central and South America.

Read the official announcement from USCIS. Learn more at Vox, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and AILA.

3. Georgia economy shows signs of slowing as Governor Kemp proposes new spending cuts

New projections this week predict the slowing of Georgia’s economy in the coming months, which will continue into next year. International trade sectors show the most signs of facing tough futures.

The predictions come as Governor Kemp proposes a new budget that seeks to cut spending by 4% this fiscal year and 6% next fiscal year. If the cuts go into effect, hundreds of jobs could be frozen or eliminated.

However, even with the new projections, the Georgia economy is expected to avoid a recession.

Learn more at the AJC here and here.

4. John Bolton leaves position as National Security Adviser

On Tuesday, John Bolton left his position as National Security Adviser to President Trump.

His departure marks the third National Security Adviser to leave the Trump Administration.

Learn more at Yahoo!, The New York Times, CNN, and Law360.

5. Trump Administration denies TPS status for Bahamians

The Trump Administration announced this week that it would not grant temporary protected status (TPS) to Bahamians seeking refuge after a hurricane devastated the island nation.

The action comes after the Trump Administration had already said it would refuse entry to Bahamians who did not have a proper visa permit to enter the U.S.

Learn more at NBC News.

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