Will my assets be protected if I incorporate my business?

Many business owners incorporate because they believe it will protect their personal assets if they get sued. In fact, many business owners invest most of their time and energy on the development of their businesses and tend to forget about following their corporate protocols in order to maintain the protection those protocols were intended for in the first place. Unfortunately, not following corporate protocols can break that shield, and the corporation can be subject to the piercing of the corporate veil.

Should I mediate my dispute?

For most individuals are businesses that have a legal dispute, one of the first questions they ask themselves is: how can I resolve this? One way to resolve a dispute is through mediation. However, how do you know if mediation will help you? Today’s post first defines mediation, before discussing who is involved in the process, and finally, reviewing the benefits of using mediation to resolve a dispute.

3 Legal Mistakes to Avoid when Starting a Business

Starting a business can be exciting and scary for many people, particularly when it comes to the legal set up. To assist potential new business owners in alleviating their worries, today’s post discusses 3 Legal Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business in the United States.

8 Questions to Ask When Starting a New Business

If starting your own business is an essential part of living your American Dream, then it is important to remember than the way your business starts may have a severe affect on and determine its success. Therefore, when daydreaming about your business, there are 8 questions you should ask yourself.

Supporting Your Understanding of Liability under the Affidavit of Support

The I-864 form, also known as the Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the INA, can get you confused in 864 different ways (figuratively). What exactly is the affidavit of support? What is the liability of a sponsor under the I-864?  Allow Elkhalil Law, P.C. to silence your confusions in the following discussion: What exactly is the affidavit of …

What is the EB-6, The International Entrepreneurs Program?

On January 17, 2017, the United States Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) formally released the final rule to allow International Entrepreneurs to legally remain and work in the United States in a Parole status. The rule, included in 8 CFR 212.19, became effective as of July 16, 2017.  The new rule is aimed at providing an alternative method for those …